wePresent is the latest technology in wireless interactive presentation systems on the market. wePresent provides 1080p output resolution, allowing up to 64 users to simultaneously communicate. wePresent seamlessly combines ease of use and wireless presentations from any computer or mobile device.

The wePresent device is connected with HDMI, VGA and Audio to any display or AV system. Connect via its internal Access point or make it part of existing wired LAN or wireless network.wePresent is a perfect fit for any AV or IT installation.

 Is it compatible with mobile?

WePresent is compatible with any laptop, notebook or ultrabook with Windows OS or any MacBook. wePresent works with any iPad or iPhone with iOS and Android OS based tablet or smartphone. Connect wepresent wirelessly from any device, also ideal for BYOD projection to any display.

Is it simple to use?

Yes, it is simple as well as fast connecting to any projector, TV, monitor display throughwePresent device. Connect to it, launch the App and your computer, phone or tablet is mirroring on big screen flawlessly. Share the screen with 3 other collegues or distribute your screen at preset interval to attendees.

How is it better?

wePresent receivers make your presentations better, faster, interactive and collaborative. Not only are you free from cables and wires, but when connected to an existing network, you can present and surf the web at the same time.

Where is it used?

wePresent is designed to meet needs of various users, from occasional to pro. wePresent is the best solution for any corporate, business, educational, healthcare or government entities along with many other industries where meetings, conferences, teaching and training happens.

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