iTach Flex IP

  • IR Learning Utility
  • Eight Simultaneous TCP connections
  • IR and RS232 Interface
  • Network Discovery Beacon
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The iTach Flex IP provides wired IP connectivity to infrared (IR) or serial (RS232) components with a device the size of a USB memory stick. Configure your iTach Flex IP with IR emitters and IR blaster, or connect the auto-sensing serial cable to control all of your components.

The iTach Flex includes the Global Port. Connect either a single IR emitter, a single IR blaster, or the new Tri-port Cable allowing up to 3 emitters or 2 emitters and 1 blaster, or even connect the new Auto-Sensing Serial Cable that automatically determines whether it should be a null modem cable or a straight through cable. The same iTach Flex IP can control any of these scenarios simply by swapping the connector on the Global Port.