Neets Audio Amplifier V1

P/N 305-0001

  • 2 x 15 W audio amplifierPower to drive most classroom and conference room loudspeakers.
  • Dedicated control inputsControl volume, mute and input select from I/O of Neets controllers.
  • 3 x stereo line inputsConnect multiple audio sources such as Blu-ray/DVD players, laptop computers, media servers, etc.
  • Input presetsAdjust input gain and equalization for each audio input.
  • RS-232 controlAll functions controllable via RS-232 port on Neets controller.
  • Sturdy, compact moduleMounts easily inside trunking systems or elsewhere.
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Neets Amplifier Version 1 is the most basic and lowest cost model of the Neets amplifier range, offering 15 W of output power along with control via RS-232. For classroom and conference room AV systems with typical speaker systems, it provides sufficient amplifier power along with flexible control features.

Amplifier Version 1 is based on a high-performance Class D output stage, with 90% efficiency for “green:” installations. A fail-safe protection feature guards against amplifier damage from accidental short-circuiting of the speaker cables. Three unbalanced stereo line inputs are available. Presets for each input can be configured via RS-232, allowing separate adjustments for input gain, L-R balance, and bass/treble equalization.

Amplifier Version 1 can be linked to a Neets controller via RS-232 or by using the dedicated inputs for mute, input select and volume (potentiometer or stepped). The RS-232 configuration is both Tx and Rx, enabling feedback.

Amplifier Version 1 mounts quickly and easily, with flanges at each end for securing to podiums, overhead ceiling supports or inside standard trunking systems. All connections are on Euroblock connectors with mating screw terminals (supplied).