Neets Control DelTa

  • Rack mounted control systemFull Room Control inc. Lighting & Sound in one 19″ control system.
  • Control for complex systemsControl all room functions from a single mobile touch device.
  • Built-in web serverCreate your own graphical interface design to match your corporate identity.
  • Audio Mixer GUIAudio Mixer GUI for detailed sound control through mobile touch device or web browser.
  • Expanded feedback functionsFeedback functions from 14 sources.
  • No front panel controlsPrevents unintentional changes by end users.
  • Two zone lightingCost effective all-in-one solution including Lighthing and Audio Control .
  • Control more devicesFull Control of more than 26 devices and expands through 5 x NEBs (Neets Expansion Bus).
  • Easy programming through USB, LAN or RS-232.


Complete Room, Light and AV Control Solution

Neets Control – DelTa gives you intuitive control of complex AV systems in auditoriums, large meeting- and conference rooms.

The built-in audio mixer, light- and AV control gives you complete room control via mobile touch device or web browser.

Custom graphical interfaces is easily designed using the new and intuitive Neets Project Designer software.

All connected devices are controlled through a generous amount of RS-232, RS-485, LAN or IR ports, making the Neets Control – DelTa capable of controlling even very demanding facilities.