Neets Control EcHo Plus

P/N 310-0152 (EU – Polar white)
P/N 310-0252 (DK – Polar white)
P/N 310-0452 (US – Polar white)

  • Fits inside standard wall outlet boxNo rack-mount or over-ceiling unit is needed.
  • Easy to configureConfigure functions with Project Editor software and load via front-panel USB port.
  • Flexible designAll eight buttons can be freely configured for any function.
  • Easy to installConnects quickly with Euroblock plug-in connectors.
  • Choice of connectivityCommunicates with devices by RS-232, IR and dedicated I/O.
  • Easy to useStart presentations simply by pressing one button.
  • Dual Rs-232/iR portsOne port offers TX/RX for feedback.



In classrooms and conference rooms, Neets Control – EcHo Plus eliminates the delays and frustrations caused by misplaced, damaged, and confusing multi-button IR remote controls. With EcHo Plus, starting a presentation is as easy as pushing one button on the wall panel. One button can be programmed to not only start the projector and select the video source, but also to lower the screen, turn off room lights and close room-darkening blinds. Nothing could be simpler!

Configuring EcHo Plus is straightforward, and it takes only a fraction of the time normally required for competitive systems. Simply remove the front panel (no screws) to access the USB port, and connect to a computer running Neets Project Editor software. Any function can be assigned to any of the eight buttons, and a single button can be configured for a sequence of functions. A configuration can be saved on the computer and loaded into EcHo Plus systems in multiple rooms, saving time and ensuring that all button functions will be identical.

With the quick touch of a button, EcHo Plus provides complete control for projectors, screen relays, DVD/Blu-ray players, amplifiers, tuners, interactive boards, flat panel displays and more. Also, because appearance is often important, EcHo Plus offers two panel colors and a choice of frames. Panel graphics can be customized with choice of fonts and addition of a company logo, if desired. In every respect, Neets Control – EcHo Plus offers an AV control solution that is elegant, flexible and remarkably intuitive in operation.


Available in Standard AU Flush Mounting with Custom Clipsal 2000 Series WallplatesHorizontal Mount
Vertical Mount