Neets EasyConnect SieRRa


Connect and control with one click or a touch

Neets EasyConnect – SieRRa solves one of the most common problems encountered in AV presentations: When a guest presenter wants to connect a laptop computer, the proper cables are missing, or they are too short, or the connection point is hidden away in a floor pocket or wall panel.

The EasyConnect is the obvious solution.
All necessary connections are readily accessible, inside a durable metal enclosure. The standard version accommodates all five typical connections
for laptop computers and most tablet-type mobile devices.

The integrated AC power receptacle eliminates the need to find extension cords for connecting to
distant wall outlets.

The EasyConnect – Control is sold as a package including the integrated Neets Control – SieRRa
AV control system, and starting a presentation is as
easy as pushing one button or use the touchscreen
of a mobile device to start the projector, select the video source, lower the screen, turn off room lights and close the room-darkening blinds.

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No cables on the floor – AV cables (1.7 m) pull out and retract easily for storage

Standard version connects HDMI, VGA, 3.5 mm audio mini-jack, network cable (RJ45) and USB-A

One AC power connector: EU, Universal or DK power

Direct access to AV control functions with Neets
Control – EcHo integration

Easy to use – choose source, start presentations,
roll down screens and dim the light with one button

Control AV systems via wall panel buttons,
computer or mobile device touchscreen

A fully networked system – connects directly to LAN

Easy to install and configure:

All eight buttons can be
configured for any function

Sliding cover with cable pass-through

Direct-out 12V power supply

An obvious choice for:

Perfect for any kind of meeting- and
conference rooms with AV equipment