PentaClass Model A

Provide state of the art hearing services in your classroom. Easy installation and hearing loop ready. Specially designed to distribute sound across a 360 degree radius. So every child can hear regardless of where they are sitting in the classroom.



Protect the health and safety of teachers by reducing the voice load. 50% of teachers and professors suffer from voice disorders. The Pentaclass system offers hearing services that assist in protecting teachers voices.

Enhance the learning capabilities of students by providing Pentaclass hearing services in classrooms. Children spend 75% of their day listening, and student performance has improved by up to 30% when a Pentaclass system has been installed. Pentaclass hearing services and listening devices not only help students hear better, but also understand better.

This unit is the perfect entry level model into hearing services. It can easily be upgraded to the AB or ABM model in the future. Enhance your services by adding the blue tooth and microphone without having to replace anything.

The unique advantage of Pentaclass is the ability to install easily in any room with just two screws! No need for complicated or structural installation work. Installation requires only power and a single audio cable.

PentaClass is a state of the art piece of technology that is simple to install and use, but has profound effects on teacher welfare and learning outcomes for children.