PentaClass Model ABM

The PentaClass ABM model is more than just a hearing amplifier. With all the exciting el-ements of the PentaClass AB, but the ABM model adds microphone capability.



This model brings a new dimension to a hearing amplifier, and the cutting edge technology of PentaClass has developed the smallest teachers microphone on the market. No bigger than a thumb and weighing only 20 grams, it is comfortable for all day wear.

Worn either with a lanyard or a clip the battery will last for 7 hours before being recharged using a regular micro USB cable. The dual microphone system with automatic gain control minimises the possibility of getting acoustic feedback. The digital transmission means you get pristine, high definition voice reproduction.

The Hi-Fi acoustic design provides sound clarity for voice, full range for multimedia and a rich bass for music making it the complete audio system for any state of the art classroom environment.

PentaClass has an output to feed directly to FM transmission systems for deaf or hearing impaired children, you don’t need a separate microphone for this. Just like all of the PentaClass systems, this hearing amplifier can be installed in almost any room with just two screws, power and a single audio cable.

This is an audio system like no other on the market, simple to install and use, it offers so many opportunities for enhanced learning.